Silky deep cleaner. My reactions

This months review of Silky Deep Cleaner comes courtesy of Will Perrett from Hampshire.

Silky deep cleaner. My reactions:

I diluted the product slightly with a little water, and applied it to the deck of my yacht with a stiff-bristled brush as per the instructions on the bottle. The boat has been on its mooring all winter, and for the last couple of weeks, craned out in the local boatyard. The decks were predictably pretty grimy therefore, and hadn’t even been hosed down for quite some time.

The Silky went on very easily, and brushed into the crevices around fittings and the toe-rail effectively.

My first reaction was that this certainly was cleaning the loose crud away, but so would water; but after only a matter of a minute or so, it was clear that more was going on: ingrained dirt, green mould and so on were disappearing: brushed off and I think bleached out too. A swill with fresh water, and I was really impressed by how well the decks were looking, for what was in all honesty, minimal effort on my part. The product label said wash off in around 30 secs. I found that impractical, especially as I have a way to go for buckets of fresh water (no hose unfortunately). However, leaving the product on for probably around 3 or 4 minutes seemed fine. In particular, there was no staining to the white gel-coat of the cabin-top or topsides as I feared, especially having left in on somewhat longer than recommended. I didn’t need to use all the Silky to clean the deck of a 28 footer, so the rest will be used on the cover of my dinghy, which has also been out in the dinghy park all Winter. Easy to use, effective, and with no problematic after-effects. I’d recommend this product. Will Perrett



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