Beautiful Yachts and Boats on Display this weekend

It’s easy to be lost in the surroundings of the Monaco Formula One event as you can’t help but notice the beautiful boats on display. The Monaco Grand Prix has been held annually since 1929, in the Principality of Monaco. It is a race that is considered to be one of the most central and respected races around the world. The Automobile Club de Monaco, which also runs the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Kart Cup, organises The Grand Prix of Monaco. The race comprises of the actual city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, which are specially prepared in advance. Viewing the race from the sea has to be the ultimate way to experience the unique event that is the Monaco Grand Prix. Click here to see some great photos.

For many, the ultimate Mediterranean yacht charter is the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, combine their trip with a visit to the Cannes Film Festival, which occurs simultaneously and is only a short yacht ride away. The view of F1 Monaco Grand Prix from your own boat moored up against the edge of the street course is spectacular. You can also enjoy the weekend getting busy with hundreds of related events and parties with some of the world’s most elite people – entertainers, royalty and hundreds of celebrities.
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