Boat Cleaner Products like Silky Marine have been manufactured and sold into the Leisure and Marine sectors all over the UK, Ireland and the world from Slaithwaite, Huddersfield for over 40 years for boat cleaner products. Our products are available from all major leisure resellers, and other approved and selected online retailers.

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    A living enzyme that you add to your heads to break down solids and reduce odour without the bulk of a water based product. Find out more.

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    Silky Deep Cleaner RTU (ready to use). This is a convenient ready to use grime and film removing wash, ideal for deep cleaning of boats throughout the season. Find out more.

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    Instazorb presents the most advanced, extremely lightweight and easy to transport absorbent on the market. Find out more.

Boat Cleaner & Restoration Products. Keeping everything spotless.

The Silky Marine cleaning and restoration system is specifically formulated to clean, restore and protect a range of surfaces specific to the boating environment.

Use Silky Marine boat cleaner and detailer to remove stains easily specific to your application, then polishes and rubber dressing to restore surfaces and finally Silky Protect and Spray Away to seal in and maintain to stay clean.



  • Silky Deep Clean

    SILKY DEEP Cleaner combats all types of dirt and grime build up found on surfaces of marine craft and lesiure vehicles.  It is available as a concentrate and a ready to use for.  It is applied by brush to difficult areas after dilution but protective gloves and eye wear are advised surfaces should be wiped down or hosed down with clean water after application. THIS IS CORROSIVE IF NOT DILUTED. This can be used in a pressure washer with a dilution system.

    Silky Deep Cleaner
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    If you are interested in becoming an official supplier for Silky Marine, contact us.

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  • Where do I buy Silky Marine?

    Our distribution partners and resellers know everything about Silky Marine. They can help you choose which product is right for your requirements and give you impartial advice on every aspect of your purchase. We have a made a simple online tool to help you find your nearest reseller. Take a look.

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